Although I am always happy to receive feedback and inquiries about our program, I honestly have very little free time. Therefore, I made an attempt to compile a Frequently Asked Questions section below. I shall really appreciate your checking it out before sending me an e-mail.

I am about to graduate with a B.S. in Biology. I am very interested in your research program. Do you accept new graduate students?
Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, I will not have any openings until Fall 2024 the earliest. Because of other commitments, I am currently unable to give as much attention to new students as necessary to ensure a good educational experience.

I found a bug. It is small, a kind of brownish in color, and has long horns. What is it?
I have no idea. First of all, I am not an insect taxonomist. Secondly, it is usually hard to identify an insect without actually seeing it. I suggest that you contact either your local Cooperative Extension, or your State Department of Agriculture. Usually at least one of them has an entomologist whose job is to handle inquiries like that. Maine residents should follow this link.

My apartment is invaded by cockroaches (my dog has fleas, my shirts are eaten by clothes moths, etc.). How do I get rid of them?
If I knew a simple and easy way to do it, I would have been drinking Mai Tais at my villa on Bahamas right now. Unfortunately, I do not. The best solution for your problem will most likely be working with a reputable local exterminator company. Also, local Cooperative Extension office may also provide some useful tips.

How do I protect my crop from insect damage next summer?
It depends on many factors. I am not able to help you over e-mail without studying the situation in a greater detail. Please contact your local Cooperative Extension, they should be able to help you. Maine residents should follow this link.

At what rate should I apply Admire to my potatoes for Colorado potato beetle control?
Legally, I can not give recommendations on using insecticides. Once again, I would encourage you to contact the local Cooperative Extension office. Maine residents should follow this link.

If you still want to write me -- please go ahead. My e-mail address is